Superman Returns Wasn’t That Gay

Superman Returns raked in $106 million in its first seven days, making it the #1 movie since the day it was released. Over its initial five days the film grossed a respectable $84 million, enough to beat 2005’s Batman Begins ($72 million), but well behind 2004’s second-place record holder for five day openings, Spider-Man 2 ($152 million), and despite glowing reviews, the film has yet to become the cash cow Warner Bros. initially thought. Many believe that the film took a hit because of the rampant gay rumors surrounding it.

For a movie with an openly gay Jewish director (Singer), a not-so-openly gay co-star (Spacey) and a rumored queen (Routh), this movie was surprisingly filled with Christian imagery and blatant comparisons between Superman and Jesus. I’m sure this came as a shock, because most people probably fully expected to see Superman running on his tip toes and blasting his ice breath by doing that thing where you pretend to blow a kiss with your hand.

Kate Bosworth (“Lois Lane”) on June 29th: