Freddie Prinze Jr. Will Crap in Your Trailer

Freddie Prinze Jr. is reportedly proud of his reputation as Hollywood’s “number one prankster.” This sounds like a barrel of laughs until realize that “pranks” means pulling knives on women and taking dumps on people’s floor. Seriously. Prinze says:

Claire Forlani had watched a documentary on serial killers. So I dressed up as one of them – all in black with a T-shirt that I pulled over my eyes. “I knocked on her door with a kitchen knife. I apologised to her afterwards. Then there was the time Matt Lillard once thought it was funny if he defecated in my hotel room – and it was. It made me laugh, so I defecated in his trailer, and it made him laugh.”

I’m sure Sarah Michelle Gellar giggles with pride for hours on end with her girlfriends each time her hubby wipes his ass on someone’s dashboard or whenever he comes home maced. Imagine the poor P.A. on the set who has to worry about drinking piss or being set on fire because this guy thinks he’s Ashton Kutcher. I don’t know what insane lunacy passes for “fun” in Hollywood, but if I tried any of that crap with any of my friends, I’d be stuffed in a trunk and pushed off a bridge.

Sarah Michelle Gellar at a photocall for Southland Tales in Cannes on May 21: