Somebody Needs To Empty This Litter Box

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Here are the Pussycat Dolls again. They’ve been running around this month “performing” in “concerts” which I can’t believe people pay money to see and anyone who does must live in a town with strip clubs chock full of the most hideous, almost fully clothed she-beasts on the planet who lip sync lyrics to music which is about 2,001 drips worse than an average session of Chinese water torture.

But this one’s my favorite:

The Birdcage
wardrobe and makeup people work overtime on these fellas, but this one gets special attention. The man-obliques, the peck-plants, the pounds of shellac, the Veneers and Spock ears … I mean, wow. Scar-lette here is a small step away from singing the lyrics to some obscure “filk” song in Trekkies 3.

P.S. If you got that Trekkies joke, then you’re no less geeky than me right now, so don’t even go there.

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