Colin Farrell Should Stay Indoors

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Michelle Rodriguez wants a piece of Colin Farrell. The actress, who has been in and out jail for numerous drunk driving convictions, claims she would make the perfect date for Colin.

I’ve got my eye on him. The kind of people I fall for are free spirits, people who’ll run naked on the beach with me and won’t care if anyone’s looking.”

This might’ve been a sexier story if there wasn’t a chance that Colin Farrell would end up with stitches or a knife in his kidney because he was a pussy for not being able to finish his drink. I’m all about uninhibited chicks, but when you realize that “run naked on the beach” to Michelle means forcing your head in her lap while she plows through an intersection in Christine, you understand that she might not be the life affirming free spirit you were hoping to see naked.

Michelle at a Los Angeles Mission benefit on June 15th: