Ryan Seacrest is So Not Gay

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In an effort to clear up all those nasty gay rumors, Ryan Seacrest told Vince Vaughn he wanted to do him on a recent interview with the actor on his L.A. radio show. Seriously.

Dude, I’m totally into girls… but you’re at the top of my hump island when it comes to guys!”

Seriously, at this point, why doesn’t Ryan Seacrest just wear a lavender scented thong and dress up like Tinkerbell from now on? I’m not an expert on gay things, but I’m almost positive that if you’re a guy and you preface how much you want to bang another guy by saying how much you like girls, chances are you’re gay. Or thinking of becoming gay. Or trying to convince yourself that you can grant your mother’s dying wish that you stop being gay. It’s okay Ryan, just come out. You host American Idol, dude. You might as well host “Siegfried & Roy on Ice”.

I was feeling too heterosexual to look for pictures of Seacrest and Vaughn:

Aniston’s naked butt scene in The Break-Up: