Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Are Cool

Nicole Kidman and her fiance, Keith Urban, shocked a group of paparazzi camped outside her Sydney home on Tuesday by sending them a case of beer (a universal greeting in Australia). Earlier in the day, the paparazzi sent Kidman flowers and sang “Happy Birthday” to her over the intercom to celebrate her 39th birthday. Kidman later came outside and thanked them for the gesture. A little while later, she returned the favor.

After staking out Kidman’s harbor-side Sydney house for most of the day, some 20 photographers heard her garage door start to rise and quickly armed themselves with motor-drive cameras. But instead of a shot of the bride and groom before the wedding day, two women carrying a case of beer and water bottles met the paparazzi. Written on the case of 24 bottles of Victoria Bitter beer was a note: “Enjoy!, Nicole and Keith.”

I know nothing about Australia except for what I see on Crocodile Dundee movies and what I hear in Bee Gees songs, but I can appreciate a cold beer in pretty much any situation. Nicole and Keith have taught us a valuable lesson here today. An open bar can clear up any differences you might have with your co-workers, friends, or people camped outside your house stalking you. So the next time I see Tom Cruise I’m buying him a beer and giving him a hug. Wait, “hug” is Australian for “skull fracture,” right? I get confused sometimes.

Nicole celebrating her 39th birthday at her home in Sydney on June 20th: