Britney Spears Needs Help

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When Dateline staffers showed up at Britney Spears’ Malibu mansion to set up for her interview with Matt Lauer, they were shocked to find her alone. Not because they felt she needed moral support, but because she looked like absolute hell and sounded like a complete idiot.

Neither of her publicists, Leslie Sloane Zelnick or Nanci Ryder, showed up,” said our source. Spears insisted on doing her own hair and makeup – a regrettable decision. Web sites derided her hair as a “rat’s nest” and, when she started crying during the interview, one of her fake eyelashes fell off. “When [the NBC crew] got there, they thought they had the wrong day . . . During the interview, no one was there to rein things in,” we’re told. Spears, when asked about Kevin Federline being with a pregnant Shar Jackson when they first met, shot back, “Julia Roberts’ husband had a pregnant wife when he hooked up with Julia, but no one ever talked about that!” Spears wore flip-flops, a see-through tank and micro-mini jeans.”

Reps for Britney Spears immediately went into damage control on Friday, asking NBC not to release the footage to places like E! for fear that train wreck would be shown on a constant loop. That sucks, because I didn’t catch the first part. Something about how she “loaded up the truck and moved to Beverly. Hills that is.”

Britney posing with Matt Lauer on Dateline (via Just Jared):

Britney in Miami on June 13th: