Kidman and Urban Are Gettin’ Hitched

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Nicole Kidman and country music star, Keith Urban, both Aussies, arrived in Australia today where they are expected to be married at a Sydney Catholic church on June 25th. The couple, also rumored to be expecting a child, issued a statement through Kidman’s publicist:

We are very happy to be back in Australia. We have come home to celebrate our wedding with our family and friends.”

This may seem like a strange pair, until you remember she was married to Tom Cruise. You know that Kidman has to dry heave everytime she sees Katie Holmes, because she knows that could’ve been her. For the last month, a new celebrity baby picture has been posted on the Internet every minute, but has anybody seen Suri? Good thing for Nicole that she had independent thought and got out. Otherwise, Scientology would’ve had her saying “a dingo ate my baby” as soon as it was sacrificed to Xenu.

Nicole at a promotional event in Shanghai on June 17th: