Brandon Needs a Vacation From His Vacation

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Brandon Davis has been “urged” by members of his family to check himself into a drug rehab facility because they feel it will be a good public relations move. Last month, the bloated and sweaty grandson of billionaire Marvin Davis was caught on camera unleashing a tirade of insults toward Lindsay Lohan. Since the video’s release, Davis has been turned away at the door at most L.A. clubs and his grandmother, Barbara Davis, is having problems securing A-listers to participate in her annual Carousel Ball in October.

You have to be a special kind of asshole to make the whole world hate you after you make fun of Lindsay Lohan. Making fun of her is like making fun of Osama Bin Laden or the Special Olympics. Unless you’re a greasy, unemployed piece of crap who is only able to feed himself because his grandpa died, you’re almost guaranteed to get a laugh.

Lohan at Calvin Klein on June 13th:

Paris Hilton on the set of her ‘Stars Are Blind’ video (NSFW):


Update: Brandon Davis checked himself into rehab [TMZ]