Hilary Duff Couldn’t Care Less

NY Times movie critic Stephen Holden, who routinely blasts Duff’s teen comedies and makes a point to single out her performances, has finally gotten to the teen star. Sick of hearing that her acting is “talent-challenged”, the actress tells Elle magazine she isn’t making movies for NY Times readers. She says:

He doesn’t really fit the demographic. So I could really care less. Look at me, and look at where he is – sorry! Would he prefer that I take some super-adult role that is inappropriate so I would have no place to grow? Suppose the next thing I did was this super-edgy independent movie where I was pregnant or shooting up. What would that do to my fanbase?”

As much as I would rather bungee jump by my penis than agree with Hilary Duff, I have to admit it’s pretty hard to argue with her logic. At least she knows the only people who care about her are 13 year old girls, and I bet she could walk into any junior high school in America and be a instant hit. Which is more than I can say for Paris Hilton. I bet she doesn’t even know where my gun club meets.

Hilary Duff in New York City on June 9th: