Jennifer Love Hewitt Won’t Get Naked

Despite rumors that she was to appear in Playboy, Jennifer Love Hewitt has now unsexily claimed that she will never reveal her breasts in movies or in print.

My naked body shouldn’t have to be out there in the public. I need something that’s mine alone. The rest of my life is in the public arena – stuff that happens to my family, what I’ve looked like for 120 years, my hair, weight gains and losses, dating – all that is shared.”

Wonderful. It’s not like we’ve been waiting 11 years to see them or anything. And it’s really not like you don’t make sure we know they’re there in everything you wear. We’ve pretty much seen most of your rack already, but I’m getting sick of pausing my DVR trying to find some nipple like I’m trying to find Waldo. So, do your career a favor and get naked. I mean, it’s not like you’ll be any less respected as an actress. Mimes get more call backs than you.