Colin Farrell is in Love

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Colin Farrell is rumored to be “deeply in love” with his new co-star, Lake Bell, in the upcoming film Pride and Glory. The 27 year old, who has appeared on Boston Legal and Surface, is another in a long line of actresses who have been linked to Farrell. When asked about the blossoming relationship, Farrell’s rep said:

This is a private matter.”

Colin seems like a guy’s guy, a crazy little leprechaun that would jump head first in a fight to help you out then talk the guy’s girlfriend and all her friends into leaving with you. That’s why I’m surprised by his new lady friend. Don’t get me wrong, she’s pretty and has a hot body, but those hands look like they could palm a beach ball and from the neck up there’s something a little off. I don’t know, maybe I’m still a little gun shy from the last girl I drunkenly brought home from the bar. Comparing penis sizes doesn’t really sound as open minded the next morning as it did the night before.

Farrell and Lake Bell in April 2006:

Farrell and Jamie Foxx at the 2006 MTV Movie Awards: