Johnny Depp Has a Designer Imposter

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Johnny Depp, who’s part Cherokee Indian, has been seen around sporting a t-shirt designed by a Cherokee designer to raise money for Native American charities. But the designer of the shirts, Colleen Lloyd, alleges Johnny’s shirt is a knockoff of her design.

The shirt shows Geronimo and three other braves with the caption: “Fighting terrorism since 1492.” Lloyd blamed “white rednecks” for the bootlegging and said Depp didn’t realize he’d bought a fake. “Johnny got ripped off,” she said.

Colleen just needs to go ahead and step off my man. If Johnny wore a shirt which read, “Jenny is a slut and likes it rough,” I wouldn’t bitch. I’d be happy I got a mention at all. Besides, I made those shirts for my campaign for Student Body President back in high school and I’d be amazed he’d gotten a hold of one. I thought the one I wear every day was the only one left.

I couldn’t resist: