Paris Hilton is an Excellent Driver

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Paris Hilton was involved in a hit and run yesterday after a shopping trip on Robertson Blvd. in L.A. with her friend, Kim Kardashian. While backing out of her parking spot, Paris slammed into the bumper of a Honda Civic and damaged both vehicles. She then left the parking structure without leaving a note or her contact information, which is a misdemeanor under California law and punishable by up to six months in jail. And it was all caught on tape.

Check out the video here.

Most Honda Civics I see have rims and Bondo primer, so Paris seriously needs go to jail for hitting this sweet ride. Unfortunately for us, this is an unjust world and Paris will never see the inside of a courtroom, much less a jail cell. However, Kim Kardashian’s daddy was one of O.J. Simpson’s criminal defense attorneys, so maybe O.J. will give Paris some pointers on how to carry herself after all this. You’re probably thinking that might be dangerous, and you’re right, she shouldn’t go alone. Maybe they can find a handsome, young, white waiter to go with her.

Hilton and Kardashian at the Entourage premiere: