Mischa Barton is a Bitch

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I’ve never really had an opinion on Mischa Barton. She has frightening taste in men, she seems not to care too much about her career, but in the right light she looks somewhat do-able, so I usually give her the benefit of the doubt. She has been saying dumb stuff for years, but turns out she’s also a raging bitch. Mischa reportedly screamed at her mother, the week after Mother’s Day, when her mother had trouble with an elevator key at the Central Park Ritz-Carlton:

You’re so fucking retarded! What idiot can’t put a fucking key in? You’re so stupid – it takes you 10 hours to do anything!”

Let me preface this by saying I’m from the South, specifically North Carolina. A place where mothers command more fear and respect than Jesus and Dean Smith. So, if I even thought about saying this to my mother, not only would it take the jaws of life to get her foot out of my ass, my brothers would take turns breaking a bat over my rib cage. Mischa is 5’9″, so my mom might need a stool, but I’m pretty sure that if Mischa tried that crap, she’d get tucked in for the night.

From the look of Mischa in these pictures from Toronto last weekend, it looks like somebody has already beaten her with a stick. Granted, it’s more of a figurative one than the one we had in mind.

And old bikini pictures just because: