Angelina Jolie in Playboy?

Just days after giving birth to the Golden Child, Angelina Jolie has an offer to pose for Playboy. Hugh Hefner, still lucid and horny at 80, said that Jolie is one of the most lusted after actresses in the world and wanted to “honor” her in his magazine. He said:

I’m hoping to bump into Angelina Jolie to get her to do Playboy after she’s recovered from having the baby.”

This might be the Hydrocodone talking, but I think this is a bad idea for Playboy. Not because I have something against seeing Angelina Jolie naked, but because this is Angelina Jolie. If she posed, Playboy would never be able to release another issue because her level of hotness could never again be reproduced. It would start a masturbating epidemic that makes you quit work, spend all your money on baby wipes and BenGay and burn all of your girlfriend’s pictures. And that’s just at my house.