The Pussycat Dolls are Not Dolls

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Due to mounting pressure from a grass-roots parents group, Hasbro has killed plans for a new line of dolls based on the all girl(?)group. The toymaker planned to market the dolls to girls as young as 6, but realized it was a bad idea due to the letter writing campaign launched last month by Brooklyn mom Lisa Flythe.

Every single person I spoke to was shocked that this would even be considered,” said Flythe, 43, who has a 4-year-old daughter. “It could be an appropriate adult entertainment product, but definitely not for kids.”

I could probably think of worse ideas for toys geared toward six year old girls other than dolls based on whorish trannies with no talent. Maybe a “Girl Power: Peach and Plutonium Makeup Kit” or a “My Little Pony Ouija Board.” Or maybe not. I’m not an expert on what six year old girls like, so I’ll leave that to the crack research and marketing teams at Hasbro. They apparently have it all figured out.

I know we’ve used these pictures before, but we consider it a public service to show what these “girls” look like from up close, and under their clothes. Most of these are NSFW: