Ghost Rider Trailer is Online

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I’ve never made movie trailers with anything but VHS, but I do know it’s always a good practice to cram as much of the good stuff as you can into two minutes so people will want to see your movie. So, if this is the best they could come up with for trailer for Ghost Rider, this movie is gonna suck. I’m normally a Nic Cage fan, so the only thing I can possibly think of is that he is being blackmailed or somebody he knows is being held for ransom and he just really needed the money. It’s like he just threw a bunch of scripts in the air and picked up the first one he saw. As Johnny Blaze, Cage looks and sounds ridiculous here. But even with too much bronzer and his lacquered, dyed jet black hair, Cage at least looks like he should be in a movie. The cgi looks like something on the Power Rangers that was sent back because it looked fake. I’ll admit, I’ve never seen a biker demon riding a motorcycle on fire, but I’m thinking if I did I’d be scared, not looking around for a Playstation controller.

Click here to watch the trailer.

Here’s the film’s co-star, Eva Mendes, at Revlon’s Flair Fragrance Launch on May 22.