Quentin Tarantino Thinks Fergie is Sexy

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Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez have teamed up to make the much anticipated horror film, Grind House, but to make sure it’s scary, they’ve announced Fergie (a.k.a. Stacy Ferguson) has joined the cast. In what must be some kind of inside joke between the two directors, they claimed to have hired Fergie to bring “sex appeal” to the movie.

I once won $500 for reciting every scene from Reservoir Dogs with the sound off, so there’s no chance I’m going to bash Tarantino here. Since this is a horror movie and Fergie’s face is a nightmare, I think this is pretty much brilliant casting. Especially if she’s cast as an untalented zombie. Because with zombies, everybody knows you must kill the brain. So if you see Fergie, use your head. Cut off hers. A paper bag might help, too.

Here’s Fergie at the show where she murdered Sweet Child O’ Mine.