K-Fed Needs Help

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When K-Fed went to make an album and likely realized he didn’t know how to rap or have any songs written, he went out and found people to do it for him. Ya Boy (a.k.a .William Crawford) announced on a San Francisco radio show that he wrote two of the songs on K-Fed’s new album. He wrote, Fuck the Media and America’s Most Hated.

Yep, both of those. Yep,” claimed Crawford. “He just came at me and was like, ‘Yo, I need you on my team. Like, I need you to lead me in the right direction.’ So I put K-Fed under my wing and I’m just showing him the ropes of the rap game… I mean, basically, K-Fed wants to be a rapper. I’m going to try to help him do what he want to do. I mean, dude has millions.”

There is nothing more gangsta than a wannabe thug rapper who uses his allowance to pay other people to write his songs for him. K-Fed is about as hardcore as bunny with a box cutter.

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