Brett Ratner Wants You to Get Naked

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Director Brett Ratner, creator of such celluloid treasures as Rush Hour and Money Talks, wants to use his fame and second career as a portrait photographer to take pictures of naked girls.

I’ve shot a lot of guys – I want to shoot some girls. Mariah Carey is like the only woman I’ve shot. I want to shoot some women. Halle Berry would be cool. And Lindsay Lohan. I’d like to shoot the Pirelli calendar. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Hot!”

A young blonde woman in tight jeans interrupted to ask: “Can you be requested to take pictures? Do you do nude shots?” The gum-chomping Ratner brushed her off, then confided: “I’d like to take nude pictures of girls. Not her, though.” Which didn’t stop him from checking her out as she sauntered away. Ratner admitted: “I’m overpaid as a photographer, I’ve got to say. Way overpaid.”

If Ratner lived in my town, he’d be the pudgy guy at the end of the bar holding his beer up to his chin with both hands, trying to avoid eye contact with girls. But since he lives in Hollywood and makes millions from pointing a camera, he grips more hips than a Ricky Martin slumber party. Punched a hole in your wall yet?

Promo pictures from X-Men: The Last Stand:


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