Ray Wants You to Leave Angelina Jolie Alone

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Ray Winstone, who is working with Angelina Jolie on the set of Beowulf, is asking the paparazzi to lay off of Angelina Jolie. He said,

You know they said in the paper, before she even got on set, that we were having murderous rows! Why don’t they leave this kid alone? She’s a great girl.”

The “murderous rows” he’s referring to stem from this story which claimed Winstone leaked a rumor to various people that Angelina and Brad are engaged. Then Angelina was so angry, she stormed off the set and refused to return until Winstone apologized. I’m not sure that’s what qualifies as a “murderous row,” unless of course, Angelina killed him, and he got better. Crazy things like that have been known to happen, especially where Angelina Jolie is concerned. I’ve been told Angelina’s hotness has inspired scientists to use her DNA to create a new sun for us to use when the one we have now burns out. True story. But don’t tell my friends at NASA and MIT I told you. I’d risk losing my security clearance and miss out on the Christmas parties this year. I really, really love those Fizzy Lifting Drinks.

Angelina in Namibia on May 13th: