Michelle Rodriguez Wants to Dress You

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Michelle Rodriguez is planning to start a clothing line because she feels her acting career may be on the decline. No word yet if it’s because she’s a pain in the ass whose hobbies include drunk driving or what, but she doesn’t plan to wait around on Hollywood to make her money.

I’m going to start a clothing line. I thought it’d be a good idea because I can’t rely on a pay-cheque from Hollywood. I don’t want to have to do some sci-fi movie that I think is really awful. I’m tired of that. So I’m gonna go make my own money and then decide whether I want to do something in Hollywood, instead of doing it because I need to.”

Finally, an actress with the vision to realize that sleeveless flannel shirts, boxer shorts and Doc Martens are the perfect things for the woman on the go.

Michelle earlier this month: