Fergie Butchers Guns N’ Roses

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I have no idea why the Black Eyed Peas are so popular. Their music sucks and they’re not that much fun to look at. The guys in the band could be on Star Trek, and although she has a smoking body, Fergie’s face always looks like she just took off a ninja mask full of bees.

Regardless, the students at L.A.’s San Fernando High School won the Verizon Wireless’ Rock Ur Skool contest, so the Black Eyed Peas performed for them yesterday. The kids were enjoying heat exhaustion and crappy music until Fergie decided to sing some Guns N’ Roses right in the middle of their hit, Don’t Lie. Thanks to the lack of studio engineers and the dead silence of the crowd, you’ll be able to hear Fergie’s voice in all its glory. So, if you want your co-workers to drag you out into the office parking lot and stone you to death, you can watch the video here.

Fergie at the premiere of Poseidon on May 10th:

Update: Jenny here … A couple readers wrote in to tell us the girl with the humongous breasts in the last picture is Fergie’s sister, Tits Ferguson. I don’t know what her real name is, but I’m going to assume it’s “Tits” since nothing else would make sense.