Richie Sambora is Going Home

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Richie Sambora is done banging Denise Richards. Now In Touch Weekly is reporting that he broke up with Denise because of his feelings for Heather Locklear and their daughter, Ava.

Whether or not sex with Denise Richards will have been worth Sambora having to live the rest of his life in complete silence with Heather Locklear as she quietly resents and judges him remains to be seen. What’s less unclear is how a guy like this can pretty much have his choice of seeing Heather Locklear or Denise Richards naked. In person. He should be crashing New Jersey PTA meetings to pick up women, and even then, he still might have to bring a picture of him with Jon Bon Jovi.

Heather on May 2nd:

Heather on May 7th at the 8th Annual Michael Douglas golf tournament: