Female Rock Stars are Pretty Gross

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The last time I sat down and counted my PJ Harvey CDs the total was zero and I’m pretty sure the number hasn’t changed since then, so I really don’t know much about her other than she should probably start wearing pants during her concerts…

because, dayam.

PJ, can I offer you a razor? Some wax? A Garden Weasel, perhaps? I get the whole cool, nonconformist thing you have going on, and your music is probably pretty good, but do you really want to compete for the title of “Most Disgusting Female Rock Star”? Donita Sparks from L7 and Courtney Love pretty much have a hold on the market at this moment. Aspiring to be more whoreish than Courtney Love is like trying to win that autographed and framed Don Swayze picture at the county fair. Even if you win, you’re still almost as retarded as Patrick Swayze’s brother.

Note: I honestly don’t care how old that picture is, or isn’t, so please don’t waste your time. I’d appreciate it much more if you’d come over and clear my fridge of all its expired contents, because I’m not good with numbers, and stuff.

Speaking of Courtney Love, here she is classy as ever and performing live with her boobs hanging out. Click here for the video.