John Travolta Hates Your Music

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John Travolta stayed at the Tribeca Grand in New York recently, and demanded any music playing in the hotel must be turned off when he entered a room.

One traveller told America’s New York Post newspaper: “They had to turn the music off whenever he appeared. Everyone else had been enjoying it. If he’d come out and there’d be music on, he’d go through the kitchen.” However, the calls for calm from Travolta – who is a devout Scientologist – have nothing to do with his beliefs. A spokesman for the church, John Carmichael, said: “There are no church prohibitions against any kind of music at all.”

Dammit, John Tony Manero Vincent Vega Travolta! Never ever pass up an opportunity to strut, or have an impromptu twist contest. I think that’s the First Rule of “Dance Club,” or something. I didn’t see the movie, but I hear Brad Pitt does a mean Moonwalk and Meat Loaf does an even better Arabesque.

Do we need more proof that Scientologists aren’t too bright? Yes, yes we do:

Thanks to Janine (who might be the famous porn star) for the video link!