David Blaine Choked

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Well, after all the hype, David Blaine failed to hold his breath underwater for nine minutes last night and break the world record.

Rescue divers jumped into the tank and hauled up the stunt artist as he struggled to break the record of 8 minutes, 58 seconds. Blaine held his breath for 7:08, after having spent some 177 hours under water in the week leading up to the stunt.”

Now he’s apparently suffering from pins and needles, skin rashes and possible liver failure. Gotta love those live specials where it’s a bunch of build up and commercials until the last two minutes when almost nothing happens leaving you to feel like an idiot for sitting through it. It pretty much sounds like most people’s stories of how they lost their virginity. Except a magician, a team of paramedics and live audience aren’t usually involved. Unless you’re me. Yeah, long story. Don’t ask.