Jessica Simpson is Drunk and Dodgy

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A few days ago, the Mirror reported Jessica Simpson was seen and photos were taken of her in a pretty ridiculous, unconvincing costume guzzling drinks and partying with the London Rowing Club where they were training in Seville, Spain.

When she finally said she was Jessica Simpson, we just laughed at her because she was wearing this dodgy moustache. Eventually she got out her driving licence to prove it was really her. She was game for a laugh and was still downing drinks with us until the early hours. That’s what we call pushing the boat out…”

The London Rowing Club doesn’t seem to be denying this story since they summed up their trip to Seville with a few mentions of her and her “‘tache” on their website.

Below is the only picture I could find from the night which is supposedly her with the “dodgy moustache.” I can’t help but notice her nose is missing a few humps, and her chin is looking a little less butt-y, but then again, it’s Cinco De Mayo, and I’m drunk, so a tranny like Jessica Simpson is looking pretty good right now. And I won’t remember I just said that about stupid Jessica Simpson, so don’t even try to bring it up when I wake up next to you tomorrow. Whoever you are.

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