Adam Brody is Horrified

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I couldn’t pick Adam Brody out of a lineup, even if he was standing next to Adrien Brody and Buffalo Bill Cody, but here he is being grossed out by a sex scene with Meg Ryan while filming In the Land of Women:

I saw it and covered my eyes – I don’t want to see myself doing that! It’s not graphic but I grossed myself out.”

There was a time when Meg Ryan was the cutest, most lovable, could do no wrong, hot little piece of ass in Hollywood. Now she looks like she died, escaped from her cryogenic chamber and her lips were the only things which have thawed out and had a severe allergic reaction to our modern day Ozone depletion problem. But that was a little harsh, Adam Brody. Meg Ryan still has feelings. Not in her face, but she still has feelings.

“Awful Plastic Surgery” photos credit here and here.