K-Fed Has a Babysitter

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Britney Spears has hired a babysitter to keep tabs on husband, Kevin Federline, because the pregnant singer doesn’t want to accompany K-Fed on all of his upcoming club dates. The move was prompted by the resignation of one of Britney’s most trusted security guards, an ex-CIA agent named Richard, because of K-Fed’s partying and behavior. A source tells In Touch Weekly:

Richard is a straightlaced guy, and he was upset with Kevin’s behavior,” a “pal” told the mag. Spears eventually convinced Richard to return – after promising to do something about her partying hubby. “I’ll take care of the Kevin situation,” she allegedly promised, “if you take care of me.” Federline was not thrilled about having the round-the-clock sitter, says the mag, but “Britney told him it wasn’t up for negotiation.”

Since Britney promised to “take care of the Kevin situation” and Richard didn’t resolve it with “a double tap behind Kevin’s ear,” this story just got real boring, especially for Richard. Come on man, you were in the CIA. You should be helping Lithuanian submarine captains defect to America, not reporting to a bloated redneck that her husband bought ten more Fubu tracksuits without her permission.

Douche and friend on April 28th: