Lindsay Lohan is Shocked

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Lindsay Lohan was in for a surprise when she walked in on Brett Ratner in bed with his girlfriend at the director’s home last week when she showed up unannounced. According to recent reports, Lohan was supposedly “dating” Ratner after the pair were spotted at the Chateau Marmont Hotel, but he apparently forgot to tell her he had a girlfriend, Romanian IMG model Alina Puscau. A source said:

Brett wasn’t returning any of her calls, so she decided to stop by and say hi. Brett never told Lindsay he had a girlfriend. She had no idea. He is constantly e-mailing, texting and calling her. She just wanted to hang out. He had given her the code to his house and told her to come over anytime, so she went.” But once at the house, Lohan was shocked when she found Ratner in bed with his girlfriend, Puscau. “Alina jumped out of bed and went ballistic. They started screaming at each other and took the fight first into the living room and then out to the driveway while Brett hid in the bedroom. Lindsay said she could get Alina deported and left.”

If you’ve ever seen Alina Puscau, you’d wonder why Ratner would ever leave his house to willingly hang out with Lindsay. Well, Ratner is a man, and men like free stuff. At the Chateau Marmont, everyone knows you can substitute the continental breakfast for sex with Lindsay Lohan.