Jessica Alba Slips a Nip

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During my senior year in high school my team and I were out on the lacrosse field getting stretched out before a game and a guy I had a huge crush on was on the sidelines watching us. I didn’t have any underwear on because I was too lazy to do my laundry during those days, and I almost never wore them (and we didn’t wear those traditional skirts/kilts other teams wore). One of my teammates decided it was a good day to pay me back for the time I launched my lacrosse stick between her legs while she was running full speed past me causing her to trip and fall flat on her face. (It was hilarious.) So she snuck behind me and pulled my shorts down right there in the middle of the field. But she pulled so hard she ripped them off me, and there I was half nekkid and mortified holding a torn up pair of Umbros over my naughty parts while everyone (including that guy) enjoyed a huge laugh at my expense.

The point of my story is, I think I would have taken Jessica Alba’s boring ol’ nipple slip on the red carpet at US Weekly’s Hot Hollywood Awards last night over my crotch and ass slip several years ago. But I guess we really don’t get to choose these things, now do we?

Update: Of course, this other (NSFW) Alba nip slip was much, much better.