K-Fed’s Audience Has Something To Say

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What’s better than Kevin’s scuzzy wife beater which highlights his muffin tops so well? It’s my favorite person in that audience who deserves praise for her eloquence albeit with one single hand gesture. Normally I would chastise someone like her for showing up at that event, but it’s obvious she was there as a public service. She’s leading by example, people. If you’re face to face with K-Fed, you let that itchy middle finger extend and you wave it with chutzpah! Hell, even paint it or draw a funny face on it. Stick a flag on it. Personalize it however you want. I couldn’t wait until I saw him in person so I typed this whole thing one handed and flipped off this picture with the other. Oh, and in case you were wondering, I put a long blonde wig, a red cape and drew boobies on my middle finger. It’s my idea. Get your own.