Brad and Jen Are Professionals

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Brad and Jen appear to have maintained a strong professional relationship. According to sources, Brad Pitt wants his ex-wife to star in the upcoming film, The Senator’s Wife. The film, which is being produced by Brad’s production company, Plan B Productions, was specifically developed with Jen in mind. A source says,

Brad’s invested a lot of time tailoring the movie to Jen’s strengths as an actress, but she’s not sure what to do…it would drive her nuts if she pulled out of the film, Angelina Jolie got the part – and it turned into something great…Brad wants another chance to convince Jen and, through their managers, he’s gotten the message to her. They’re currently working out a time to have a conversation.”

Either this is total crap or Brad Pitt must be trying to lose money and exploit some tax loophole, because the only way Jennifer Aniston is going to make a film any money is if she’s bent over on a table and there are 30 naked guys lined up in Ross Geller masks waiting for their turn. I would rather go camping with Ricky Martin than go see another Aniston film. At least I won’t have to sneak out in shame after the climax. Wait. That didn’t come out right.

Here’s Brad and his new family in the Namibian desert:

Update: In our continuing support of futile endeavors and to assist the alleged owner of these “magazine scans” in putting the shit back in the horse, we have removed the scans as per their friendly request. But if you’re looking for the magazine scans of Brad and Angelina posing in the Namibian desert, then you can find them on the 500,000+ other websites who have them.