Evangeline Lilly is Confused

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Lost star, Evangeline Lilly, claims she prayed to God to make her ugly because she was uncomfortable with her beauty as a teenager after years of being a tomboy. She also revealed that she quit her job as a waitress, because her beauty gave her unwanted attention.

I spent many nights crying myself to sleep wishing I was ugly because of the way men leered and disrespected me, because they assumed things about my mental capacity or my physical willingness based on the way I looked…..I felt like a whore. You feel like they’re paying to stare at your ass when you’re walking away from the table.”

Well, boo hoo. I can count on no hands how many chicks I know who pray to be ugly or to be ignored by men. Good thing for you that you found something that didn’t make you feel like such an ogled whore.

Evangeline on April 3rd: