Kate Beckinsale is Probably Wonder Woman

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British actress Kate Beckinsale is now the favorite to grab the coveted lead in Joss Whedon’s upcoming film, Wonder Woman. There have been several actresses linked to the role such as Sarah Michelle Gellar, Katie Holmes, Jennifer Connelly, Salma Hayek, Mischa Barton, Michelle Rodriguez, Rachel Bilson; and two, Lindsay Lohan and Charisma Carpenter, have basically begged to get the part. Josh Whedon, creator of Angel and Firefly, is said to be “very happy” with Beckinsale and revealed the movie will begin shooting in September.

A few of these names just sound too ridiculous to even be considered – Katie Holmes (too crazy), Salma Hayek (too stacked), Michelle Rodriguez (Wonder “Woman“), Jennifer Connelly (too classic), Mischa Barton (way too skinny), Lindsay Lohan (um). Based on my own experience, Joss Whedon’s penis is now waging an internal war trying to decide on the two obvious choices – Charisma Carpenter and Kate Beckinsale. I know Wonder Woman is supposed to be all American even though she is a princess from an Amazon warrior tribe, but a British woman and a shitty actress from Las Vegas would both be equally hot poured into that costume. I would have to give the edge to Carpenter for two obvious reasons.

Kate Beckinsale as Wonder Woman on Halloween:

Update: I’m sorry, but you don’t get as much respect and carry as much clout as we do at IDLYITW by reporting rumor, conjecture and unsubstantiated gossip. I’m sorry, but you have to get up pretty early in the morning to fool us. What? Oh yeah, turns out you so totally can. [JoBlo.com]