Katie Couric is Crappy

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Yesterday’s Today Show featured Katie Couric yapping from the 2006 Olympic Games in Italy. Most people consider pigeons to be flying rats, and would rather they did us a favor and went extinct. Many of us will change our minds about pigeons now that one of them was cool enough to take a dump all over Katie Couric’s hair helmet on live television. If pigeons hate screechy little trolls so much, maybe they’d also consider paying a visit to the veritable buffet of them over at Live with Regis and Kelly. If there are any leftovers, they should feel free to unload them upon a taller variety of screechy troll which can be found at Cameron Diaz’s house.

Watch the video of Katie Couric’s head pooping here.

Images thanks to Drudge Report.

Update: It’s not food. It’s poop. Don’t ruin this for me, damnit.