Rachel McAdams a Bond Girl?

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The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that the long-awaited new Bond film, Casino Royale, with James Bond as a 28-year old with no Q and no gadgets, is still missing a Bond Girl and a major villain. With shooting to begin February 27th, Sony Pictures has cause for concern that two major characters have yet to be cast. Although Thandie Newton screentested over a month ago for the Bond Girl role, several Hollywood starlets such as Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron, and Sienna Miller have already declined the role. The latest name in the mix is Rachel McAdams, star of Mean Girls and Red Eye. Recently, McAdams said:

I want to try a lot of things that I haven’t tried. You know, I did a thriller “Red Eye”, because it was so different and it was a genre I hadn’t worked in yet. Then I did a beautiful family ensemble drama. And next? I don’t know. The quality of material is important, but, basically, I’m open to anything. I like to stay open to anything.”

I’m sure the producers are glad to hear she is up for anything. I for sure am. Because since this is a Bond movie, let’s hope they’ll go ahead and schedule her for those implants. Quite frankly, I have no faith in this movie. A blonde Bond and now a flat-chested (and hairy breasted) Bond girl. The whole suspension of disbelief thing only works for so long before Hollywood just takes it too damn far. What’s next, a gay Superman?