Paris Hilton is a Critic

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When not devouring her mates, Paris Hilton is making the world a better place by gracing various nightclubs with her presence. She’s also giving eloquent and impartial reviews of these clubs to the reporters outside. As she was leaving Club LAX last night on her way to Mood for a “holiday party” she told a reporter,

“LAX is the worst club in the world… It’s full of D-list celebrities.”

It has been reported that she and Nicole Richie are trying to be friends again. Richie and that DJ fiance of hers just broke up, and he’s the DJ at Club LAX, so Paris is trying to take down the club by trash talking it. And do I really care about any of this crap? No. But I’m hung up on her definition of “D-list”. These are the people she went to mingle with at Mood after bashing the other club’s patrons:

Her sister and her sister’s furry friend.

Whoever this chick is and her stupid boots.

Jessica Simpson’s friend/assistant/whatever.

This 9 year old.

Rod Stewart’s ugly daughter with that guy from Laguna Beach.

And the whore from The Real World.

Do any of these people even qualify for any “list”? And when did Paris leave the D-list? Gary Coleman is probably C-list at best, but I think even he would be embarrassed to be seen with Paris Hilton. Todd Bridges might sniff some of her coke, but that’s about it.

I can’t take credit for that Paris Hilton/Paris Mantis picture. Sexy reader, Megan, sent that in and made me laugh pretty friggin’ hard. If you’re bored feel free to send me your Paris Hilton (or any other celebrity) Photoshop creations, and I’ll be happy to post them. Here’s some ammo …

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