Heidi Klum Has Been Served

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Heidi Klum has been named in a lawsuit by a guy who alleges he created Project Runway.

Writer Joel Lamontagne claims he wrote a script for a reality show, called America’s Fashion Designer Search, and registered it with the Writer’s Guild of America in 2003. In legal papers, obtained by entertainment news website TMZ.com, Lemontagne also names Elizabeth Hurley, who will host the British version of the hit U.S. cable show, and Walt Disney Pictures and Miramax Films, the companies behind the reality series. The writer has also named all of the sponsors of the show, including The Gap and L’Oreal, in his suit, filed in Los Angeles.

I don’t watch this show for the same reasons I don’t sleep on a bed of nails and punch myself in the face. There’s about 5 seconds of Heidi Klum and 58 minutes and 55 seconds of painfully mind numbing crap, so the not even one chance I gave the show was more than enough. The only reason I’m posting this story is because it’s a slower than slow news day and I’m filling this space with Heidi Klum’s May 2005 Arena Magazine shoot which is about a zillion point nine times more entertaining than Project Runway.

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