Kevin’s got mo’ mamas and mo’ problems

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Yo, yo, yo, here’s Kevin four days ago. He’s just chillin’ with the Five-O in his beater and his pants hangin’ off his ass. He had to get him some smokes before he done rolled home in his tight whip to see his baby mama and his baby mama mama … and his other baby mama. All the mamas are under one roof now because the word on the street is Shar Jackson is the couple’s nanny for their shorty.

Britney Spears has buried her war of words with hubby Kevin Federline’s ex, and hired her as the couple’s nanny! Kevin walked out on eight months pregnant Shar Jackson when he met Britney, launching a bitter feud between the ex-Moesha star and the pop princess. But insiders say Britney’s become concerned about how little time Kev’s spent at home since the birth of their son, Sean Preston, so turned to Shar for help. Shar’s all too familiar with Kevin’s wayward ways so offered to look after the baby while Britney and Kev patch things up.”

If you ever see these people in person, don’t touch them. Whatever makes them this stupid could be contagious.