Britney Spears is a mother of two

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Britain’s Daily Sport newspaper is reporting Britney Spears and Kevin Federline have been fighting since she gave birth and after a huge fight Kevin ended up moving out for a period of three days. Since the baby was brought home from the hospital Kevin has been seen spending most of his time playing golf, yapping on his cell phone and partying. Britney has been heard saying, “I’m raising two kids now.” Brit’s either not too bright or prefers the challenge of learning things the hard way. I’m not sure what part of “loser with no job, pregnant girlfriend and a toddler” she didn’t understand when she hooked up with this guy, but it would seem she’s starting to catch on now and about 10 months too late.

This story follows on the heels of several news reports that Britney and Kevin made a sex tape during the early stages of her pregnancy a copy of which is now in the hands of one of their friends. This friend of theirs is also threatening to release the tape. That story only seems realistic if you replace the word “friend” with “Kevin Federline” and “sex tape” with “really gross thing nobody needs to see.”

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