Evangeline Lilly is hard to dare

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Evangeline Lilly admits she once urinated in a parking lot trash can after being dared to do it by her co-stars Matthew Fox, Jorge Garcia and Dominic Monaghan.

“One night, we had all gone bowling. Most people left, so it was myself, Matthew, Jorge and Dominic – three goofy, out-there guys. So we’re in the middle of a parking lot in Kailua, daring each other to do things. Jorge turns to me and says, ‘I’ll give you twenty dollars if you pee in that garbage can.’ Thirty seconds later, I’ve got my pants down and my bum hanging into this garbage can, and he has to give me twenty dollars. I don’t have a lot of inhibition.”

Man, what a coincidence! Because “hot chicks who will do demeaning things for very little money” is exactly what I typed into my eHarmony personality profile under “searching for”. Wow. I expected good results of course – Dawn and Todd have been married over a year! – but I wasn’t expecting a young Hollywood starlet. The website says we should find a common interest on a first date, and while it might be a little different, hey, they’re the experts, so rinse that before you eat it Homeless Guy, cause I’m in the mood for love and I just shotgunned a 2 liter of Coke to prove it.