Has Beckham converted to Kabbalah?

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David Beckham has recently inked a large tattoo written in Hebrew on his arm, and his wife Victoria is said to be getting a smaller version inscribed on her neck. The tattoos are from the Old Testament and say: “I am for my beloved, and my beloved is for me, who grazes sheep in rose like pastures.” More from MSNBC:

Some Kabbalah followers, including Britney Spears, have indicated their belief in the faith by getting Hebrew words tattooed on their necks, leading to widespread speculation that the Beckhams have joined the trendy offshoot of Judaism. Kabbalah is the rage among certain celebs, though some recent exposes of the group have shed an unflattering light on the finances of the group. “Madonna has been pursuing [the Beckhams] and trying to pull them into the Kabbalah Centre,” Rick Ross of Cultnews.com tells The Scoop. “If it’s true that she has recruited them, it’s a huge coup. They are the most important people she could recruit in Great Britain outside the royal family.”

That first picture might be the first decent one of Becks with that tat. I was gonna post some pics of Posh too, but that creepy look in her eyes in every picture made me uncomfortable. If I were on the street and saw a girl with that look in her eyes, I would hit her in the neck with a dart and bag her.