Jennifer Aniston says Brad Pitt cheated

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This mornings Page Six is reporting that the mystery behind the Brad Pitt / Jennifer Anniston “breakup has been solved. ‘She told (Vanity Fair) she did want babies with Brad, and that starting a family wasn’t the issue … The issue was Brad cheated…'”

It shouldn’t even count as cheating if you do it with Angelina Jolie. She should be some kind of exception, cause really, what choice do you have. It should just be understood that if Angelina is around, any social or sexual norms go right out the window. So if you see a general assembly at the UN and all the ambassadors have their feet up on the table and are masturbating, at first you might think, “Well that’s weird,” but then the camera would pan over to Jolie on stage giving a speech about starving babies getting ripped apart by crocodiles and you’d think, “Oh ok, I get it now.” And then you would take off your pants.