Paramore Singer Topless Photo Leaks

Paramore Singer Topless Photo Leaks

A topless photo of Paramore’s Hayley Williams  has been making the rounds on the internet since Friday night, when it appears the elfish singer accidentally posted the photo to Twitpic, a popular photo sharing application connected to Twitter.



You can view the uncensored photo at Antiquiet.


After the photo appeared (and quickly disappeared) on her Twitter feed, Williams tweeted "Well, my night just changed drastically. Got hacked." It seemed suspect from the start, given that it was most clearly a real photo and posted to Williams’ personal account, but a few quick-minded readers pointed out that the singer had actually purchased a new Blackberry earlier in the day and had been trying to figure out how to use it just hours prior to the leak.


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Possibly an accident, possibly hacked. Either way, it’s out there, never to return. Does this spell the end of Paramore and Williams’ stardom? Highly unlikely.