This Baby Crawling Across A Highway May Be Auditioning For ‘Baby’s Day Out’ Reboot

Photo: 20th Century Fox

Way back in 1994, there was a John Hughes written movie called Baby’s Day Out. I owned it on VHS and used to watch it all the time when I was young. Is it terrible? Sure. Will get a reboot one day? Probably. And it looks like a baby in Vietnam wants first dig at the role.

The video below shows the shocking and bizarre moment that a driver spots a baby randomly crawling across a highway. The dashcam footage, taken by Quang Ninh, shows the baby crossing the highway before stopping at the barrier.

Take a look at the crazy video below:

As you can see in the video above, good folks were able to grab the baby out of harm’s way, and the baby was OK. What is not known is how in the hell that baby got on the highway. Did he escape his crib? Did he walk out of Peter Rabbit? Were his parents too busy picking out which tiles they wanted for their new bathroom and just forgot about him? None of that is known. All that is known is that a Baby’s Day Out reboot will probably come out soon because that’s what usually happens in Hollywood.