Woman’s Reaction On Slingshot Ride Is Straight From A Horror Scene

Screengrab: Twitter/Megan Connolly

It still baffles me that a person would choose to subject themselves to the Slingshot ride — a ride that literally shoots you into the air, so you can feel your throat in your butt. But hey, people enjoys thrills. But something tells me that Megan Connolly won’t be seeking this sort of thrill ever again.

Connolly, who is a Republic of Ireland soccer player who currently plays for the Florida State Seminoles, went to a fair over the weekend with her teammate Dallas Dorosy. While at the fair the pair hopped on the infamous Slingshot ride. And let’s just say that while Dorosy had the time of her life, Connolly’s reaction is the same reaction that victims give when they’re about to be murdered in those bad horror films.

Check out the reaction yourself as Connolly shared the hilarious moment on her Twitter:

Wow. Pretty sure Connolly died for a few seconds.

The reactions on Twitter were gold as well:

Well, at least she tried it. No way in hell anyone will ever get me on that deathtrap.