Twitter User Believes He Cracked The Scranton Strangler Case From ‘The Office’

Photo: NBC (Getty)

The Office may have technically been off the air for five years now, but that doesn’t mean old and new fans alike aren’t still obsessed. Particularly in regards to a certain murder case introduced midway through the series, loyal viewers weren’t especially greeted with a satisfying conclusion. Seeing as how a revival of the show would still likely never delve back into the Scranton Strangler case which played in the background for years, a guy by the name of Spencer McClure decided to take matters into his own hands, pleading his case to Twitter for all to nitpick.

That said, we think he makes some pretty solid arguments for a case against Dunder Mifflin’s resident sad sack Toby Flenderson. We will now hear his opening statement:

From there the twists and turns flow rapid-fire. However, we’ll just give you the highlights. You’re free to go as batty as Mr. McClure from there:

While none of that is necessarily ironclad, it certainly makes a convincing case. But obviously, since this is Twitter, there were also plenty of detractors, with one common belief being that just because a guy is a depressed loser, that doesn’t make him a killer. And of course, there’s the whole Creed did it theory, too.

But since it’s just us here, you can go ahead and play jury. GUILTY or NOT GUILTY? What do you think?